The trials of a 40-something husband

For many years my husband has not understood my appeals to ‘slow down’ or my observations that ‘it’s not so easy anymore’ but recently he has been coming to the realisation that age catches up with all of us. This realisation has surprised my beloved because he has always asserted that ageing is all in the mind.

My husband now has a few grey hairs, an expanding waistline, aching muscles and creaking bones. He is generally fit and sporty so he has been surprised to find his body has started to protest during and after his regular exercise routine. It started as a small and quiet protest, but the protest has increased in ferocity in recent months. After a recent holiday he expected to lose his ‘holiday weight’ as quickly as usual but nothing is budging, even after weeks of activity. ‘It’s not so easy anymore’ he says. It’s difficult not to say ‘I told you so’. As for the grey hairs, at first he was removing the few that he could see but now he has decided to keep his hair short so that the grey is not as visible. Still, he is unhappy because he knows they are there.

Ageing has come as something of a shock to this man. He is slowly (very slowly) becoming a little more understanding of my creaking bones and decreasing muscle strength. I have more and more difficulty doing simple things, like opening jars, but he is glad that he is still capable. He is still ‘The Man’ after all. The next few years are likely to be a time of adjustment for both of us and I look forward to slowing down together, though he says that he will fight it for as long as he can.

©SD Wheelock


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